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    This website is aimed towards providing DukeEngage Seattle participants a means to collect and reflect on their thoughts through the 8-week program. It is also a way in which family, friends and perhaps future DukeEngagers will learn about what we are doing here, from our day-to-day experiences at each of our community partners to weekend adventures around and outside of the city. We appreciate your comments, advice and words of encouragement! Kinnari B.
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So Long Seattle

by Jordan Today’s my last day of work – I go back to Michigan tomorrow.  The past 8 weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least, but in a good way.  I’ve helped create a “Pledge to Vote” field plan, worked on events like “Candidate Survivor,” talked with activists in Seattle politics, and created … Continue reading

My Summer at Solid Ground

Tomorrow will be my last day working at Solid Ground.  While none of my blog posts have talked about how I spend these 40 hours each week, interning with the Resource Development team here has been a huge part of my summer, and a great part of it too. My main task during these eight weeks has been … Continue reading

Screening of Ken Burns documentary “Prohibition” and Forum Discussion

 On Tuesday, One America was invited to a forum discussion of Ken Burns’s new documentary Prohibition. They first showed an excerpt from the end of the film then followed with a panel discussion about how the government tries to legislate people’s appetite. The part I found most interesting about the discussion was when the question … Continue reading

Scagit Valley Trip

Last Wednesday, my supervisor brought us on a field trip to the northern borders to visit migrant worker camps. This trip was in collaboration with the summer fellows from Washington Bus, an opportunity to give them (and us OneAmerica interns) a glimpse into a migrant’s life. After seeing their housing conditions, we went to St. … Continue reading

Volunteering… with Free Food

This past Friday, Shiva, Johnny, and I were kind of surprised to find that there was an outreach event on a Friday. I’m not gonna lie, I was initially hesitant since it was somewhat sprung on us, but it ended up being pretty fun. We went to Highpoint and organized a fitness passport which basically … Continue reading

Child at Heart

Definitely the highlight of this past week was going to Sky High. It was funny though because I didn’t know anyone was going or it was even a thing… I’m somewhat out of the loop. I have kind of a tag-along type of personality so it didn’t take that much convincing to get me to … Continue reading

Letters penned on the 8:30am express

Dear Man laughing and wearing a leapard jumpsuit, Where were you last night?  And can I come next time? Looking forward to it, C   Dear overall man eating spaghetti and snorting phlegm at me, I can see you are marching to the beat of a different drummer, but your drummer sucks and I have … Continue reading

Seattle taught me how to backflip

So last week we got a taste of Bellevue with a SkyHigh Jump EXTRAVAGANZA.  The night involved almost missing three separate buses, saving Kevin from going the complete opposite direction, legitimately almost getting hit by a car, riding in a trunk, and intimately discussing QFC management job opportunities. All worth it BECAUSE THERE WAS A … Continue reading


So I’m very good with technology. When I first signed up for wordpress, I accidentally created my own blog instead of registering to this one. As such, none of my blogs have showed up here, but rather were on my own blog. To make things easier, here’s a link to the blog: http://insertsomethingoriginal.wordpress.com/ Johnny

Turning Money Into Meals

Another project I have been working on is creating a sort of “return on investment” spreadsheet for Northwest Harvest events that have been held in the past year. The two main statistics that I was focused were the amount of dollars of money and pounds of food that were raised, since these are the quantifiable … Continue reading