“We’re looking for a pac-man painted on a cliff face.”

According to Holly, a Seattle native and newfound friend, this landmark would let us know we had reached our destination. This was last weekend. We drove up to the cascades, crossed over to eastern Washington to find a place to spend the day where we would later sunbathe, swim and relax on a float down the … Continue reading

Yoga is hot in Seattle

If you come to Seattle, it’s hard not to hear about yoga, particularly hot yoga.  Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is when you do yoga in a 105F room for 90 minutes with no break from the heat.  I couldn’t understand why people were paying to be in a room that simulated the … Continue reading

The Bridge at Boeing

After a fun-packed weekend (including a 6-hour beach visit, canoeing on Lake Washington and exploring Queen Anne) I did not look forward to my 5.30am Monday morning wake-up call to head to Boeing. I especially didn’t enjoy the morning as I actually woke up at 3am, and didn’t go back to sleep leading to a … Continue reading

Ballard Is Awesome

After spending a weekend in Ballard, I’ve realized it is my favorite Seattle neighborhood. As people say, Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality and I found that Ballard is the place I would feel most at ease. After going to the Locks, we as a group went to Paseo’s … Continue reading

Block Party & Save Metro!

by Jordan Here at the Washington Bus we are just a few days away from finishing the year’s busiest couple of weeks.  This past weekend was Capitol Hill Block Party, a three day music festival right in my office’s neighborhood.  The Bus has some impressive connections to Block Party – we were able to get all of … Continue reading

Get on the Washington Bus: Exact Change Only.

Cruising into the Bus office this morning, the remanent high of this weekend (figuratively, maybe literally for some) from Capitol Hill Block Party was the only thing on our minds. From the glorious weather (a true gift in the schizophrenic tides of Seattle weather) to our super sexy Neapolitan tanlines (a toasty brown, burnt red, … Continue reading

Food Banks: Then and Now.

The Food Bank where I work was originally intended to be an emergency resource. After the Boeing corporation laid off thousands of its employees in the late 60’s, a number of people came together to form a short-term hunger relief program. Since the 60’s though, there have been a string of “emergencies” in a way … Continue reading

If You Wear It, It Will Come

Yes, yes, I’m guilty. I stole the title of this blog post from the Seattle Works weekly email. But with good reason. It was spawned after various musings in the office about what to wear for our Board Pool Party. The weather has been pretty bad to us for the past 2 weeks (read Claire … Continue reading


They were right about the weather. Seriously.

Seattle Food Hunts

Recently, I’ve been chasing after two Seattle food joints both eponymous with Seattle itself. Almost every native has heard of Paseo’s and Red Mill Burgers. I’ve been very eager to try these places out, but I’ve hit a few roadblocks in this chase. From these roadblocks, I’ve learned quite a few lessons about Seattle. The … Continue reading