So Long Seattle

by Jordan

Today’s my last day of work – I go back to Michigan tomorrow.  The past 8 weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least, but in a good way.  I’ve helped create a “Pledge to Vote” field plan, worked on events like “Candidate Survivor,” talked with activists in Seattle politics, and created an individual policy project.  In a nutshell, my personal project involved creating fact sheets for all of the policy measures that will appear on the Seattle primary and general election ballots.  These include city-specific, King County, and Washington state proposals.

My goal was to create clear and unbiased fact sheets for anyone who’s interested in learning about issues on the ballot.  As I’m not (yet) entrenched in Seattle politics, it was easy to summarize the ballot measures fairly.  I spent much of my research time sifting through and reading the official proposed legislations.  After getting the hard facts, I then referenced news articles, websites, and literature from the “for” & “against” sides.  I also attended a couple of public forums regarding the ballot measures, namely about the “deep bore tunnel” that is poised to replace a central roadway downtown.  This work was valuable to both myself and the Washington Bus – I’m a public policy major, so I enjoyed delving deeper into city, county, and state policies.  And the Bus has always wanted to create these fact sheets, but never found ample time to do so.

I have also found myself creating accounts on various Seattle news websites, so I can comment on their sometimes completely inaccurate reporting of ballot issues.  It’s been fulfilling to be fluent in the policies attached to many contentious Seattle issues.

Summer 2011 in Seattle has been great, especially in giving me insight into possible career paths.  What I do know is I’d like to return to Seattle – perhaps next summer?

Here are some examples of my policy fact sheets.  Enjoy.

Referendum 1

Initiative 1183


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