“Do you drink poisonous chemicals?” “Yes, I’d like a diet coke, thank you.”

What up world?  Claire here, People For Puget Sound’s newest intern, and yes, that’s “For” with a capital F, I didn’t ask why.  This Miami girl has been having fun seattlin’ down in the Pacific Northwest, and becoming Seattle’s newest environmentalist/crazy street wanderer. First thing I learned: the coffee culture is incredible.  I thought that … Continue reading

Soccer in Seattle

This weekend our group went to a Seattle Sounders, the local Major League Soccer team, game. Having grown up playing soccer, I have always enjoyed the game, but I recognize that it is not the most popular sport to watch here in America. Occasionally, I will watch an MLS game on TV and the stands … Continue reading

Preventing the Backlash

Towards the middle of the week, 2 men were arrested for attempting to bomb the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Station in south Seattle. The men had been planning the attack to gain media attention.  One of the men was Muslim and as a result there was concern within the Muslim community that there would be … Continue reading

“Hello there, young lady. I just want to wish you a nice day.”

written by Claire M. It’s not often that I’m greeted with these words by a stranger in the morning, but I guess that here in Seattle, anything goes. The culture of this city already seems so different to what I’m used to; here it’s not strange to approach someone at the bus stop and say … Continue reading

Green Lake Escapade

Soon after my arrival on Sunday, I quickly researched different running trails I could take advantage of during the summer. I came upon the Husky running club website, introducing me to a couple of 5 to 10 mile routes. I was directly intrigued by one that would enable me to experience Green Lake, a site … Continue reading

Seattle, The City of Bikes

written by Frank. One of my first memorable moments in Seattle was when I almost got run over by a bicyclist on day one. I was crossing the Burke Gilman Trail to get to my apartment, lugging a heavy suitcase and struggling to simultaneously balance two bags on my shoulders. A biker whooshed past, throwing … Continue reading

First Week at the Washington Bus

created by Derek Mong, featuring DukeEngage interns and the “Vote-bot.”  

Nighttime Solace

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet. Running at night has always been a particularly special activity for me. I love to run and my absolute favorite time to run is at night. In Seattle, night comes much later, so it gets to be more difficult to run at my ideal time, … Continue reading

How I Discovered that Seattle is a Friendly Place

If you know me, then you know that I have no sense of direction.  This means that even after carefully planning out my route with Google Maps and Trip Planner, I still get confused about Seattle’s complicated bus system – do I want to get on the 44 bus that is going North or going … Continue reading

The First Week: Target Trips and Inspirational Breakfasts

I’ll start this blog post off by saying that I usually I do not do reflection via writing so I think this process of writing weekly blog posts will be a learning experience in itself.  The first week in Seattle has been quite busy, entertaining and fun.  It is hard to imagine that only one … Continue reading