Washington Aerospace Scholars Program and Internship Overview

It has been noted more frequently in recent years that students in the US overall have been falling behind in science and math relative to their counterparts in other countries. The number of engineers and scientists in the workforce has faced a gradual attrition. The Washington Aerospace Scholars program was created to answer the call … Continue reading

Animals In Seattle

On the ferry back from Bainbridge Island during week one (6/25) we saw an interesting sight- a ferret on a leash. I feel that the creature was a little out of its element, as the strong winds on the ferry made the trip a very cold one. On Friday (7/29) our DukeEngage group visited the … Continue reading

“Life’s for living’, yeah, that’s our philosophy”

Mt. Rainier

My First 4th of July

This weekend marked the first time that I was in the US for the 4th of July; not surprising given that I’m from England, and that the 4th of July isn’t something I would typically celebrate. In fact, normally I couldn’t care less about such a day; at home, nobody cares (read: people want to … Continue reading

The Three Different Types of Strangers That Will Approach You on the Street

Often times while walking around in Seattle, you’ll be approached by random people. As someone who has fallen victim to this many many times, I’ve developed different ways to deal with each type of person. As a personal caveat before I begin this discussion, I’d like to say that this should only be applicable to … Continue reading

exploring seattle

It was great having time off this weekend to explore seattle. I was able to check out some great restaurants. I tried a cuban restaurant in fremont, got raspberry goat cheese froyo at Molly Moons, and had a delicious lunch at Citizen in Queen Anne. I also spent a lot of time downtown this weekend. … Continue reading

“The marketing of advocacy”

This was the topic of a memo that one of my coworkers happened to be reading when I walked through her office door last week. Her furrowed eyebrows were a sure enough sign that she did not buy in to the authors idea.“The two concepts – marketing and advocacy – seem contrary, no?”  she said. We … Continue reading

Week Two: Junior Trainer Start and basketball in the park

This week has picked up nicely at the Austin Foundation as we welcomed 11 high school kids, employed by the Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP), to the junior trainer’s program.  In this fitness program, the goal is to teach youth the components of fitness and develop their leadership skills, all while having fun and working … Continue reading

Being Resourceful at Alki Beach

This past weekend, several of us decided to make the most of this free weekend and beautiful weather by spending the day at Alki Beach.  However, our quick (and evidently poor) planning resulted in not being totally prepared and a few of us failing to bring one of the most basic beach items – a … Continue reading

Bainbridge: A peaceful island retreat, less than an hour from the city via ferry

written by Jordan We spent all of Saturday on Bainbridge Island, which is located east of Seattle in Puget Sound.  Our itinerary was full: we spent the morning at Bloedel Reserve, a 150-acre property containing natural wildlife and landscaped areas, as well as an exquisite estate house built by the Bloedel family.  We took a … Continue reading