Volunteering… with Free Food

This past Friday, Shiva, Johnny, and I were kind of surprised to find that there was an outreach event on a Friday. I’m not gonna lie, I was initially hesitant since it was somewhat sprung on us, but it ended up being pretty fun. We went to Highpoint and organized a fitness passport which basically … Continue reading

Washington Aerospace Scholars Program and Internship Overview

It has been noted more frequently in recent years that students in the US overall have been falling behind in science and math relative to their counterparts in other countries. The number of engineers and scientists in the workforce has faced a gradual attrition. The Washington Aerospace Scholars program was created to answer the call … Continue reading

“No, I would not like to go to your house and see your erotic dragon tree carving, but thanks anyway.”

So here we are.  Halfway through Dukeengage.  I can hardly believe it.  I have realized I’ve been feeling at home here as I have recently become infected with a local’s condescension towards tourists.  The minute I walk near Pike’s place I immediately question why I am there and plot how I can get out as … Continue reading

Travels in a New Old Place

On Monday, I went to the Fremont neighborhood after exploring the UW campus. Since I had the day off after working a lot of overtime during the last week, I was excited to experience an area of Seattle I really hadn’t had a chance to visit. Ironically, my hometown’s name is Fremont. My Fremont in … Continue reading

Week 3: The Meeting Retreat

In the hectic first three weeks, in which Ade and I welcomed over 35 junior trainers into the Austin Foundation for every Monday through Thursday, there was very little time to do anything but spend time with the kids, supervising and leading them through workouts.  For me, the first three weeks were a blur – … Continue reading

Theo and the Chocolate Factory

Well, there were no Oompa-Loompas. And no chocolate river. But us DukeEngagers did get to visit a chocolate factory in Fremont on Saturday afternoon. Theo’s Chocolate is famous in Seattle for being one of the only fair trade, organic and “bean-to-bar” chocolate factories in the world (the only one in the US, in fact). We … Continue reading

Washington Bus in Overdrive

by Jordan We won’t be sleeping until July 28th at 8pm.  Coffee breaks are approved (even encouraged), but naps are not.  In the next few weeks The Bus is putting on some of its biggest events of the year. The first is “Bus at the Boathouse” – July 14 – a cocktail reception at the Chihuly … Continue reading

Seattle’s Buried City

During the underground tour of Seattle’s buried city, I learned that the Fairmont Olympic Hotel was actually the original site and first building of the University of Washington. The hotel is right off of fourth avenue, so its very close to where I work. One day during my first week of work I was walking … Continue reading