My Summer at Solid Ground

Tomorrow will be my last day working at Solid Ground.  While none of my blog posts have talked about how I spend these 40 hours each week, interning with the Resource Development team here has been a huge part of my summer, and a great part of it too. My main task during these eight weeks has been … Continue reading

Week 6: Learning how to discipline junior trainers

This past week has been one of the more frustrating ones leading the junior trainer program.  The program is at it’s half way point and the junior trainers are slowly tuning Ade and I out when we give them any instruction.  Even after telling them four or five times to do something as simple as … Continue reading

Candidate Survivor

by Jordan Life at the Washington Bus is winding down a bit – as of the week, we’ve successfully put on a fundraising event, done field work at Capitol Hill Block Party, and hosted Candidate Survivor, a forum for Seattle City Council Candidates. Survivor was a hit – over 500 people showed up last Wednesday … Continue reading

Maneki, the Century Old Restaurant

I hesitate to make my posts into a food blog, but I just can’t resist writing about the great food experiences I have had so far in Seattle. I’ve had an amazing culinary week, but Maneki, a Japanese restaurant located in the International District, serves as the crown jewel of the last seven days. Besides its … Continue reading