Milk Carton Derby

Every summer, Seattle has a multi-week celebration during the summer called Seafair, which includes a number of different family friendly each weekend. One really cool event that I attended during this year’s Seafair was the Milk Carton Derby. This event challenged participants to build rafts out of milk cartons and then race them across a lake. … Continue reading

Van Tour

One of the most interesting experience I have had during my time working for Northwest Harvest was the partner programs van tour that I went on. Northwest Harvest provides food to over 300 different partner food banks, meal programs, and schools throughout the state of Washington. The agency runs the van tour every summer to that the staff … Continue reading

The History of Events

One of the longer term projects that I have been working on is gathering historical data for the various events that Northwest Harvest has held over the years. The sheer amount of data, housed in huge filing cabinets and gargantuan databases, was somewhat intimidating at first. As I began to sift through all of the … Continue reading


After a dukengage student recommended the frozen yogurt place “Yogurtland,” I decided to check it out. It did not disappoint. With flavors such as “red velvet cupcake batter,” “mint chocolate cookies,” “chocolate milkshake,” and “coconut,” Yogurtland definitely branches out from the usual frozen yogurt flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Not only are their … Continue reading

Week 6: Learning how to discipline junior trainers

This past week has been one of the more frustrating ones leading the junior trainer program.  The program is at it’s half way point and the junior trainers are slowly tuning Ade and I out when we give them any instruction.  Even after telling them four or five times to do something as simple as … Continue reading

Week 4 and 5: Site Based and Community Outreach

An integral part of the junior trainer’s program at the Austin Foundation are the community outreach events at different locations in Seattle.  Usually, the Austin Foundation staff accompany several junior trainers to these events and help teach the junior trainers how to lead fitness based activities.  The first three weeks did not contain any outreach … Continue reading

Uncomfortable Dilemma

Upon my arrival to Seattle, one thing that really shocked me, aside from the weather of course (insert hackneyed expression about how cold it is/ rains all the time/ etc), was the number of homeless people living here. As a small town girl, seeing people live on the streets is a novel experience for me … Continue reading

The Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Working at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations has truly been an educational experience for me. During the past five weeks, I have learned how to distinguish the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Currently, 24 million people have diabetes. Of these people, the majority have type 2 diabetes while three million have type … Continue reading


In our office, we usually don’t have the chance to talk to the head directors of One America. They are usually out of town or simply very busy.  However I was graced with the opportunity to listen in on interviews with two of our head directors. The first interview was with the Head Organizer, David … Continue reading

Busiest Week Ever

When I first started working at One America, I was a bit worried because there wasn’t much for us to do.  But a lot has changed since then.  Two weeks ago, I was the busiest I have ever been while working at my organization. The week began with a Press conference for a Young Man … Continue reading